Fez City Game


The game is a combination of an online game, social media platform, internet service and a game in a real space, where an area of the city is used as a game board and as a background for the game action to be played, and becomes the most important element of the game.

The game in a real space
The participant of the game in this real space can actively learn about the topography of the city and its history, participating in the game with elements of a narrative. All of this is intended to show fascinating urban stories as well as Moroccan customs, rituals, spells, art and artistic crafts, and simply the soul of the city and its inhabitants. The script contains elements of history regarding the city’s heritage, as well as fictional and theatrical elements – both of which are designed to make the game more exciting. The labyrinth of the old medina in Fez, with narrow streets and over a thousand years of tradition, is the perfect backdrop to the city game.

Game in virtual space
In the virtual version of the game (on the online platform) the participant will find not only the continuation of the game and its connection with the game in real space, but also another side of this game. The online game can also be used by people not currently in the city, such as tourists interested in visiting the city and learning about the local culture, residents, accommodation options, and even buying products made by local craftsmen. Virtual participants of the game can also traverse the city, which is presented in an artistic way through drawings, animations, and video elements.

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